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Powder Coating of Metal Stampings for the Fence Industry

Powder Coating

RayPaul Coating has been providing expert powder coating services to a growing customer base for many years with dedication to customer service and quick turnaround times.

This project depicts powder coating for the fence and rail industry. RayPaul has two automatic paint lines, and one batch paint system to process a wide variety of part sizes and finishes. The automatic paint lines accommodate parts up to 32" wide, 6' high, 14' long. The batch paint line accommodates parts with dimensions up to 8' wide, 10' high, 30' long. After parts are cleaned and prepped in a five-stage wash, and run through the dry-off oven, thermoset or thermoplastic powder is applied with electrostatic automatic and manual paint guns. Powder is applied to mil thickness according to technical specifications, and in compliance with customer requirements. Parts are cured at temperatures up to 400°F according to the same guidelines.

Proper application of the coating is confirmed with a crosshatch and pencil hardness tests, as well as a mil thickness and full coverage checks.

To learn more about how powder coating and quick turnaround times can help with your next fence or rail project, see the table below or contact RayPaul Coating.

Powder Coating of Fence & Rail Details

Product Name
Fence and Rail
Product Description
These components are used on fence and railing systems
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Thermoset Powder Coating
Thermoplastic Coating
Equipment Used to Finish Parts
Five-Stage pretreatment wash
Dry Off and Cure Ovens
Nordson and Wagner Powder Booth
Electrostatic automatic and manual spray guns
Overall Part Dimensions
Up to 8' wide, 10' high, 30' long
Tightest Tolerances
Oven range 275 to 400 degrees. Mil Thickness typically
Mil thickness typically 2.5 to 3.5 mils.
Material Coated
Various: Aluminum, Iron, and Steel
Material Finish
Powder Coated
Multiple Textures and Finishes available
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
First, mid, and last part Q.C. inspections, which include:
  • Full Coverage Check
  • Coating Thickness Test
  • Pencil Hardness Test
  • Crosshatch test for adhesion and curing
  • Direct and reverse impact test
Featured Industry
Fence and Rail Industry
Delivery/Turnaround Time
24 to 72 hours
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
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